Friday, August 17, 2012

And in that moment I was SUPERMAN…

No, it’s not as if one night, I just dreamt of being a superhero or something. It was one of those times when I felt like I am trying to save the world and no one really cares. Like I am doing something so enormous, so momentous yet it still goes unnoticed. As if I am doing everything I could but all my efforts go down the drain. In these times, life lessons will hit you hard but like the man of steel I think I am, I take it all and fight the battle within.

I’ve learned that not all people will ever like Superman. It really doesn’t matter how noble he’ll fight for justice and rescue humanity, he is still just one of those superheroes who is trying to do the same thing. Maybe it’s just a matter of preference, some leaning more towards Batman or Spiderman or even Powerpuff Girls. That because he is not the most exciting character ever nor have the best background story nor have the most vibrant personality in the bunch, he is taken for granted. But he cares not for himself alone and that what sets him apart from the others.

I’ve learned that the irony that the “Man of Steel” has a heart made of talc. That the strongest man may have a fragile heart, he is vulnerable. But he doesn’t let his emotions get the best of him. That no matter how tough things will get, he’ll downplay that struggle and at the end of the day, he will deliver. He knows that failing is not an option. That no matter how challenging the villains may be, he will eventually win and live another unselfish day.

I’ve learned that no matter how strong Superman is, he will always have that Kryptonite. People see his strengths – that’s good! But this blessing is also his biggest curse. It is as if since he is strong therefore he is required to free the world from every rogue that may harm us. As if he owe it to us to use that advantage or else he is being selfish. As if he himself doesn’t need help sometimes. We fail to recognize the fact he has his own problems and struggles. And he managed to balance everything on the line yet sometimes, as cruel as the world truly is, he has to make hurtful personal sacrifices.

I’ve learned that Superman man needs Lois Lane – badly. Not entirely romantically or sexually, but he needs that one person who will tell him that he is doing good, that his efforts are being not wasted, that he is on the right track. That one person who will show him the positive side when all he sees is the darkest night. That one person who will bring him back to earth when his mind spun out of control. That one person who will make him feel that someone will always be there for him, even when the whole world turned its back on him.

I’ve learned that Superman still needs the Justice League. No war is won by a single soldier. No structure built with a lone worker. That even if you are probably the strongest man alive doesn’t mean you can do it all by yourself. It helps to have those people who will back you up when you’re powers are dwindling and your armors depleting.

And lastly I learned that Superman is after all, just a man, not without imperfections, not without a fault.