Saturday, May 12, 2012

(Happy) Mother's Day...

It really is a sign that we are getting older when we start to celebrate occasions with one or more family members missing. May it be work, commitment or God forbid, death, it will never be complete without seeing everyone laughing their hats off and churning those extra calories. It feels awkward yet you pretend it’s not. I pretend it’s not but it is really hard. 

Last year’s a blast, all six of us present, enjoying the time, ignoring the fact that someone’s on their way to somewhere far. This year, Mother’s day going to be different. When I know the perfect gift for my Mom is not a new pair of shoes or another bag, but rather a call from my sister whom she spent the most time together with. 

But I can’t argue with work and opportunity and commitment. That’s life. And I just have to suck it up and pretend everything’s perfectly normal and things are in their usual state as they were before.

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