Sunday, June 19, 2011

Drunken Derivative

The freezing cold breeze on an arid summer night could not describe my state any better. Frozen, unmoving, stationary and it’s all because I am empty.

And for three numbing nights, I tried to fill that gaping emptiness with beer. Bottle after bottle, I felt the bitterness sinking in. But it will never match to that heaving pain inside.

It was a complete meltdown. I am full of beer. I am drunk. I am empty. And you will never know why I did this.

This may be the shortest post I’ll ever make. But it took me the longest to “complete” it. Contradiction, never fails to amuse me.

“Ang daming taong nakapaligid sa’yo pero parang nag-iisa ka pa rin.”

Drunk or not, I will post another sooner and it will be better. Like how I hope I will feel tomorrow.

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