Monday, December 20, 2010

Troika III (Finale)

Third Party

You had a problem with your best friend recently. I was there to help you.
You talked about how hard it was for you to lose a friend. I listened to your sorrows.
You said you felt like you were abandoned and things just fell out of order. I saw your struggles.
You asked me to stay faithful as a friend. I did as I promised, though I thought I was rational.
You thought we were good friends. I thought we were close friends.
They knew all of these stuffs. They asked who your best friend is.
You uttered a name, your best friend’s name. Not mine. And I thought, damn, get over it!

I felt bad and betrayed. You never said a thing.
I am just a third party trying to enter an exclusive relationship. You never realized though.
I am just a guest to your sortie. You invited me still.
I told you to get over it. You said the same to me.
I was speechless. You were right.
They knew all of these stuffs. But they know nothing really.
I am going to find me another. You said nothing. I said nothing. Done.

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