Saturday, December 11, 2010

Troika II

-->PART II (The Boy Who Cried Foul)
I wanted to throw a hard punch straight in to your face when I heard you talk shit. And I was right there when you said a word that made my temper blow up. You were teasing me in the wrong moment and damn, I was so pissed off. Good thing I collected my thoughts and remember what my mom told me about throwing tantrums in public. You were a lucky bitch then. I told you to read my blog and see my wrath.

Three weeks later, and a blog terrorizing your whole existence in earth did not materialize. Why? I don’t really know. Maybe, the whole “threatening” thing was just a spur of the moment, an empty threat hoping to send you a warning that I am not comfortable on the idea of you making a big joke of my dire emotions. And I guess you got my point then since you stop talking shit into my face.

Or maybe, I just got tired of dealing with such emotions that I just don’t care. Really, I’ve had enough baggage in my life and to carry another (and you’re not as light as you think you are) is just too much. Too many enemies for me; too many bridges burned; too much negativity in my life.

And maybe, I just understood your point - that I am taking this thing too seriously that a mere mention of a name makes me furious. Maybe you thought, it’s ok to talk trash to the resident trash-talker in Aguman.

Dude, you are just too lucky you never have to experience the things I have gone through. My life really is not really an open book, and you may not really know who I truly am. But at the end of the day, one learns his lessons and every bit of anger is forgotten. Hence, you are forgiven.


  1. Again, I apologize for cracking such jokes in an untimely hour. Pissing you off was not my intention at that time, a few laughs won't hurt, I thought. Then again, a few still do. So ita, eku sasaryan.

    I'll take the parenthetical comment literally. [oops cinomment ko na ito kanina, kaso di lumitaw, o well] :D.

  2. Kutang ku na pamo sana nung ninu ini. Now I know. Hahaha!

  3. Lawi: Ok na ita, no problem. Haha. Aintindihan da na ka. sorry for making such a big fuzz out of this stupidity. Haha!