Friday, November 4, 2011

Forever Blue

It was never my intention to enter your life. I mean, I had too much going on with mine; I could barely make ends meet. But then again, I did. Unexpectedly, I did. And now, I just could not let you go.

I tried to shun you out and forget that I actually cared about you. But that was just plain bullshit. All I ever wanted was for you to do the same for me. But it will never happen.

I tried to gave way and let someone else make you feel special. But it scares the crap out of me because I know that once I let you go completely, I will never have you back.

I tried to think that maybe it was my fate to never have you in my arms. But your hand felt just right – just like how I used to feel before with her.

And it was my entire fucking fault. I know I was being too permissive and I get attached to people hastily. I shouldn’t have let my guards go down. I should have set a barrier or a gap between us. But I never did. And so I am suffering the consequences right now.

I will eventually tell you about all of these nothings – how I can’t sleep at night cause all I ever wanted was to sleep right next to you; how happy I am whenever that phone blinks and your name appears on it; how cool it was to see you in my dreams. But it will not happen soon. Perhaps, it will never ever happen.

Until I have the guts to fight for you, then I will forever wait in vain and be blue.


  1. this is sad...good for you, you can find the right words to describe your feeling.

  2. Haha. Ok naman na ko. Mas magaling ka naman mag drawing sakin.