Saturday, July 4, 2015

To the guy who can’t get over the fact that Pampanga’s Best is made in Pampanga

I woke up one day and saw this meaningful exchange of messages on my FB.

K: Intayin mo lang si G.
D: Lam nya na yun. Nararamdaman nya na pinag uusapan ko sya.
K: Wait pano mo ngagawa yun? Pinaguusapan mo si G all by yourself?
D: Dito. Sa chat.
K: Paki check nga tagalog mo. Haha.
D: Tama. Diba?
K: Tanong mo sa bato.
D: Di sumasagot eh.
G: <*facepalm*>

I died - right there. I don’t even wanna go to the judger and juggernaut thing. Or the, never mind. How can I even call these people friends? And this guy, really?

I remember the first time we saw you walk in the office. You look like that guy from that 90s OPM band but with more hair and a weirder smile. We tricked you into answering some interesting questions as a part of your “initiation”. I really thought you’re going to punch somebody in the face when someone played a joke on you. I was partially right. Probably, you were just warming up.

Days passed and you were nothing but a wallflower in the middle of a wild crowd. You were just a mere observer, watching how the team works, learning how the dynamics operate. You have this feel that you don’t give a sh*t about anyone or anything in the room. There’s certain angst in you that no one dared to conquer. Not until lunch breaks happened.

Those lunch breaks were the most exciting part of our day. We practically talked about anything and everything about life. I have been your guide, teaching you about the tricks of the trade, imparting my so-called “knowledge” on surviving our office life. In return, you let us see a glimpse of your world. You let your guard down and we saw how “mean” you can become. (Di ako ang pinakamasama satin.)

I will never forget that day when our Queen’s on leave and someone else asked us out for lunch. Instead of listening to that girl’s incredulous stories, we were busy chatting, talking about something else, and trying to hide our grins when someone says something funny. And from then on, we were three.

Those “Biglaang” lakads and “Putok Batok” food trips, that Tagaytay field trip and the succeeding Tagaytay trips with the team; I saw some facets that made me reexamine my perception of you.

You have a knack of organizing things that I envy. I wish I could recall where is something located where and how your clothes are neatly arranged and folded inside your bag. (Malayong malayo nung emo ka pa.)

You are my music brother though your music IQ is probably higher than most people I know. You have a very sophisticated taste in music that I wish I have your playlists. You know Gin Blossoms and The Verve more than I do. You know more Third Eye Blind songs than I do. Your U2 and Dave Matthews Band knowledge is beyond my range. But I still hate you for ruining Sugar Ray’s “Answer the Phone” for me. (Hindi siya bastos!)

Though you are not the fastest driver on the road, you always made sure that our Queen still gets her sleep at the back of your car. We already ran out of stories to tell but the Queen, oh the Queen, is still there- slumbering soundly on her pajamas.

Not a lot of people know you can draw. My stick figures are no match to your amusing sketches. You are creative and artistic. And you’re using your hand to good use, amigo (if you know what I mean). I wish people could get to know you more and see how awesome you really are.

It sucks though that at one point, you just shunned us out of your world and you chose to go and live by on your own. And as your friends, we understand. We always understand. But you came back. And that’s what’s important. And as the only unattached person in our group, I will keep you both “normal” and “sane”.

It would have been better if you had been transferred back but there are some things we can’t control. And we can work with that. For now, allow me to say “Welcome back, Halcon! Namiss mo kami! See you around.

PS: Yung assignment natin. Alam mo na. Ikaw na bahala dyan.