Saturday, April 11, 2015


My moral compass’ not always pointed due north.
But I always try to go with what I think is right.
At that moment, I thought you were right – just right.

You came in a time when I thought I was ready for another flight.
I was donning my courage suit and look to take a leap of fate.
I took a step forward and saw you waiting for me down below. 
I knew you were there to catch my fall.
I took a last good look on what I’m going to leave all behind,
all those things that eventually became part of mine.
It took me some time but it just felt so right. So, I let go and fly.

             I glided on the sky and shouted your name in delight.
And down I went, unrestrained, free falling to the atmosphere of your realm.
Like a silent plunge almost without a splash, I thought you were in for a ride.
But as I was blazing my way thru, everything turned blindingly white.

My wounded eyes searched for yours’ but you were not in sight.
Then a greater force knocked me down, far stronger than my puny gravity,
and I just spun there round and round, damaged without a fight.

            Yet in my mind, I thought I felt your skin against mine.
Scorching yet riveting, your grip would have saved my life.
I opened my eyes and in a wormhole I was floating inside;
A distortion of space and time where in gravity, I don’t have to abide.

In the fourth dimension, your world collides with mine.
Yet again, it’s not yet time.
Our paths remain parallel and I got to take mine.
Maybe, it was just a phase;
You were just a phase and I should continue with my stride.

So catch me. Repair me.
Throw me back to my gravity;
And surrender me to uncertainty.

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