Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bleeding Love

               I’m no love expert. I know a thing or two about love. But I am not an expert. And I believe no one else is. Not even cupid or those trolls in Frozen

               On the contrary, I am pretty sure I have an above average understanding on what epistaxis is. In fact, I think my nosebleed IQ is way higher than that of my Anime IQ and cartoon shows IQ combined.

 And from what I experienced again very recently, I therefore conclude that Love and Nose Bleeding share a very “disturbing” commonality.

Ang love parang nosebleed, di mo alam kung kailan dadating, walang pinipiling panahon, walang pinipiling pagkakataon.

Ang love parang nosebleed, papansin, mahirap itago, kahit gaano mo man pagtakpan, kusa pa rin magpaparamdam. 

Ang love parang nosebleed, you have to carefully “pick” para di ka masaktan. 
Ang love parang nosebleed, dapat level-headed ka, di pwedeng lagi kang nakayuko, di rin pwedeng lagi kang nakatungo.

Ang love parang nosebleed, spontaneous, tuluy-tuloy lang ang daloy, dapat di mo pinipigilan.

Ang love parang nosebleed, kusang nagwawakas, bigla na lang titigil pag wala ng mailabas.

Ang love parang nosebleed, nakakatakot, may traumatic effect - ayaw mo ng maulit lalo na pag sobrang masakit.

Finally, Ang love parang nosebleed, pag natapos na siya, aabangan mo yung susunod, ihahanda mo yung sarili mo habang naghihintay ka. 

 We all have our notions of love. We choose with what our eyes tells us and what our hearts feel for us. And I like to believe I am entitled to compare to it to my f*cking nosebleed. :)

image co (google, 500 Days of Summer)