Friday, August 26, 2011

Love Stories

Love Stories. We all had or will have at least one. Each one is unique, each having its own twist and turns. Some are blessed they have plenty of these wonderful tales. Some others are not as fortunate.

But we all can relate to a love story no matter what the narrative is. That’s because we all have a faithful heart, hoping that it will eventually throb for the person destined to us.

And like how beautiful sunsets need cloudy skies, oftentimes love stories don’t start with bliss.But it will never, ever end in melancholy.

"Nothing Ever Hurt Like You"

Why am I even hurting myself more?
Lurking over your photos, your tweets and your conversations.

I wish I could finally say I am happy for you.
But I am not.
And I will never be.
‘Cause I still think I deserve you more.

Chances, I asked more than once.
And just when I thought you’ll give me one,
You dashed my hope in a glance.

So I guess it will stay this way forever.
I will still get hurt just by looking over your pictures.

And until I gave up that one last chance,
Nothing will ever hurt like you.

"Before You Walk Out of My Life"

You found me under that faint, blue light
Ruined, damaged and broken.
Pulled me out of that hollow mess,
You brought me back to my aching nest.

From there, I thought we were into something.
You made my summer nights interesting.
And I built my world around you,
Only to find out the universe conspires against me.

You made me believe a lie,
That I am the only one you brought inside.
And there he was, sitting in my throne.
He picked you up and your love, already honed.

Before you walk out of my life,
Throw me back in to the dirt I once belonged.
There someone would stare at my loneliness,
And I’ll never be alone anymore.