Saturday, July 9, 2011

That Red Thing

In a few days time, you’ll start your work, you’ll get busier than ever and you’ll get paid to do something you may not even like. You waited for this. And so it will begin.

Your love-hate relationship with your bum life is not getting any better. Your head throbs by mere thought of expenses you are about to get. Funny how you think of that when all you have now is a thousand peso kept for emergency, there in your wallet for the longest time. Yet your plans are quite “grand” but achievable. And like a parent to his sibling, I am quite supportive.

In a few days time, you’ll get something I may not fully encourage. But this is what you want and this is something more convenient for you. And I do get your point about this. Though I am quite apprehensive, I am letting go of that red thing. The red thing you once associate with someone more important. The red thing I was forced to acquire just to bridge the gap between us. The red thing which I correlate with you since in that world, I have you and only you, satisfying that exclusivity I always wished for. But I am supportive and (something)…

I envy them. You let them enter the world I could only wish for. But you told me not to. So I’ll accept that fact that I should not demand for something deeper and riskier. So as to preserve whatever we’ve been protecting. I would still ask for my shot though. And until the red thing’s still up, I will push for my chance of a lifetime.